Gift a Premium Membership -=- Premium Membership Frequently Asked Questions

EQ Resource Premium Memberships FAQ

  • 1. What is an EQ Resource Premium Membership?
    • An EQ Resource Premium Membership is a way for visitors to support EQ Resource and keep it running. Our domain name, and our server costs money to keep online. The bigger the site gets and the more it expands, the more money we have to put into server costs.

  • 2. What are the benefits to becoming a EQ Resource Premium Membership?
    • There are several benefits to becoming an EQ Resource Premium Member. First, you will be able to browse the entire EQ Resource website without advertisements for the full duration of your Premium Membership! Your name will proudly be displayed in large brightly colored text on our Thanks! page. There are other benefits as well, all of which are outlined and explained Here.

  • 3. What is the cost of an EQ Resource Premium Membership, and how do I purchase one?
    • The current cost of a 1 year EQResource Premium Membership is $15.00 USD. We do not currently offer a month to month Premium Membership option. To purchase an EQ Resource Premium Membership, you will first need to register on our forums (you can do so by clicking here). Once registered, you can click on the "Premium Membership" tab at the top of the forums page, or you can click here. You will need a PayPal account to complete the process.

  • 4. When my Premium Membership runs out, will I be charged again? (AKA Auto-Renew).
    • No, you will not. We do not support Auto-Renew Premium Membership. When your current Premium Membership is getting close to expiring, we will send you an automated email letting you know that your Premium Membership has almost reached it's end (This may or may not go to your Spam folder). It is completely your decision if you wish to renew your EQ Resource Premium Membership or not.

  • 5. How long does it take for me to receive my Premium Membership benefits after I have purchased a Premium Membership?
    • This depends. It should be an automated process through PayPal. If not, we have to manually set up your Premium Membership. Please note that you do not need to contact us for this to happen, we will receive an email letting us know you added a Premium Membership and that we need to set it up, and will do so as soon as we possibly can. Please note also that you will not lose Premium Membership time over this - if it takes us 3 hours to set up your Premium Membership, then we will add 3 hours to the duration of your Premium Membership! Please allow us up to 24 hours for this to occur.

Gifted Premium Membership FAQ

  • 1. What is a gifted EQ Resource Premium Membership?
    • A gifted EQ Resource Premium Membership is a way to allow visitors to purchase EQ Resource Premium Memberships for their friends and/or family. The person you send a gifted Premium Membership to will receive all of the normal Premium Member benefits for the full duration of their Premium Membership. These benefits are all outlined Here.

  • 2. How do I gift an EQ Resource Premium Membership?

  • 3. What if I don't know my friends EQ Resource account name, or don't know if they have one?
    • If you don't know your friends EQ Resource account name, or if you don't know if they have one, you may enter their email address instead. We will attempt to contact them through the email address provided to let them know that you have gifted them a Premium Membership, and explain to them how to set up a forum account on EQ Resource. As soon as we see their forum account created we will activate their EQ Resource Premium Membership benefits. If we fail to contact them after a 1 week period, we will refund your full amount.

  • 4. How will my friend(s) know I gifted them an EQ Resource Premium Membership?
    • When you fill out the form to purchase a gifted Premium Membership, we will ask who the gift is from. You should use this box to enter your real name, character name, or handle (whatever name the person you are sending the Premium Membership to will recognize you as). You can also choose for the gift to be anonymous. To anonymously send a gift, just leave this box blank, or type Anonymous in the box. If you do choose to enter a name, we will send your friend an email letting them know that you have given them the gift of an EQ Resource Premium Membership!

  • 5. How long will it take for my friend(s) to receive their Premium Membership benefits?
    • Gifted Premium Memberships are not automated, we have to manually set them up. This is usually a quick process if we are online when the gifted purchase is made, however contrary to popular belief we are not robots and do require sleep and time away from the computer. We guarantee gifted Premium Membership will be set up within 24 hours from time of purchase!

If you still have questions about EQ Resource Premium Membership, please feel free to Contact Us!