This Page lists the EverQuest Servers and their current status, they are listed and ordered by Server Type then Alphabetical, this page is set to auto-refresh every 3 minutes.

Most Recent/Upcoming Downtime:

On 4/20 at 12 AM PDT we will be starting a 36 hour maintenance period on some of our internal systems. During this timeframe all servers will be shut down until the work is concluded. The downtime includes time to do our regularly monthly update as soon as the gamewide Daybreak Maintenance is complete.

Time Until Servers Up - Update Thread

Regular Servers Population Updated Ago History
Bertoxxulous Medium00:01:51 History
Bristlebane High00:01:51 History
Cazic-Thule Medium00:01:51 History
Drinal Medium00:01:51 History
Erollisi Marr Medium00:01:51 History
Luclin Medium00:01:51 History
Povar Low00:01:51 History
The Rathe Medium00:01:51 History
Tunare Medium00:01:51 History
Xegony Medium00:01:51 History

Special Ruleset Servers Population Updated Ago History
Agnarr (PoP-LP) Low00:01:51 History
Antonius Bayle (EU) Medium00:01:51 History
Firiona Vie (RP) High00:01:51 History
Vox (New Player) Low00:01:51 History
Zek (PVP) Low00:01:51 History

TLP Servers Population Updated Ago History
Aradune (TLP) High00:01:51 History
Coirnav (TLP) Low00:01:51 History
EQ20th Mangler (TLP) Medium00:01:51 History
EQ20th Selo (TLP) Low545:53:36 History
Miragul (Heroic TLP) Low00:01:51 History
Phinigel (TLP) Low00:01:51 History
Ragefire (TLP) Low00:01:51 History
Rizlona (TLP) High00:01:51 History

Testing Servers Population Updated Ago History
Beta Locked00:01:44 History
Test Low00:01:10 History