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Note: We have only been tracking this server since May 27, 2020



*A White bar indicates Census data was unavailable at the time we requested it. This is generally due to a network issue, or Census being overloaded.

Raw Stats

High Count: 58 (40.28%) - Estimated Time: 9h 40m
Medium Count: 52 (36.11%) - Estimated Time: 8h 40m
Low Count: 33 (22.92%) - Estimated Time: 5h 30m

Total Uptime Count: 143 (99.31%) - Estimated Time: 23h 50m

Locked Count: 0
Down Count: 0

Total Downtime Count: 0

Server didn't go Down or get Locked!

Status Error Count: 1 (0.69%) - Estimated Time: 10m

Server History shouldn't be considered 100% accurate. There are many factors that can skew the numbers, including but not limited to: Daybreak Games API not responding, EQ servers not reporting population in a timely fashion, and network lag.

Estimations are due to time between tracking - servers can do things such as go down and up many times in this period. These are mostly special cases, but can and do happen. Percentages are Rounded to 2 decimal places so may not add to exactly 100%.