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Aaryonar: Maximum Echo
« on: November 23, 2020, 12:12:49 PM »
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Re: Aaryonar: Maximum Echo
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2020, 01:44:25 AM »

Greetings Norrathians, this is Goodurden from Realm of Insanity on Xegony coming in with my first, yes I did say my first, Everquest video.

Today we will be talking about the Temple of Veeshan mission: Aaryonar and getting the Maximum Echo achievement.. but before I do and since this is my first video let me tell you all
a bit more about the group 13.

Group 13 is the group designated for the progression on beta and the launch of the last 5 expansions. Our objectives are to find how to minimize the time it takes to unlock raids, how to work around bugs,
and when I say bugs that does not include exploiting them but when something is broken we have to find a solution to keep progressing by either understanding the mechanics or share the info with the devs.

Group 13 took a hit last year when they removed the progression to unlock raids and pushed raids to open for all at the same time but that didn't stop us from keeping ourselves in shape this year.

Group 13 includes myself, Bahdah, Astralx, Panorramix, Villette, Bradley, Piemastaj, Sancus and Tolzol (he is taking a break from group 13 since he has a newborn!). We have 2 new additions this year,
Farzi and Covennx that I have really enjoyed grouping with this year.

Now enough said and let's jump right into the mission Aaryonar!

First let me tell you all that our group was not first to get the achievement Maximum Echo and that Aldryn, Fllint, Kuvani, Kizant, Reisil and Uglyaf were the first to do it.
Then we had Sancus, Piemastaj, Shmid, Jondolar, Panorramix and Jennre as 2nd and our group was 3rd. The mission in itself is the hardest part of Claws of Veeshan expansion too. You
can win for the currency quick and easy or go for the achievement Maximum Echo which is not a push over, even for the best raid geared players. At the first look of the mechanics
most will say you need 2 tanks, 2 healers a heavy nuker and then you have room for 1 more. Aldryn went in with 2 warriors, a druid, a shaman, a wizard and a bard, himself. 

Sancus' group went in mainly with casters, 2 mages, a cleric, a shaman, a bard and a paladin to kite, help OT the adds and help on group healing, while having 2 mages for coth to get
the trapped person out of the traps and to call back the banished is ezmode.  Maximum Echo is very healing heavy, tank intensive and requires everyone to do their parts.

Our group was determined to win with what we had without the need to replace anyone.  No coth, 2 tanks or 2 healers.  The group make up was Goodurden (warrior), Astralx (monk), Bahdah (rogue), Villette (bard),
Farzi (cleric), Covennx (rogue). We successfully completed all 3 achievements for this mission and our time to complete it was 19m 48s. I recorded it to share with you guys so you can see how it works.
It's also important to note that I edited the video to make it shorter so dont use any timestamps to plan anything, I will provide you with that information. I'm limited on what I can share, but as long as
it doesnt provide information about the raid I don't think Aldryn will deguild me.

Now, let's focus more on Maximum Echo mechanics. The achievement says, 'Have someone gain rank 5 in each of the Elemental Echoes', which are the auras that spawn at exactly the same time
and same spot, as well as the orbs phase that become random at that point. The orbs timer starts once Aaryonar goes below 60% and flies up so you want to keep Aaryanor offtanked until everyone
gets rank 5. To get the achievement you need to get all rank 5 from each of the auras. You only need to tip toe in it and get the buff and return to doing what needs to be done. You will be the
targeted person for what that aura's mechanic is (banish, fire auras, earth prison, lure). Each aura has their own negative effects and will reappear every 3 minutes
5 seconds. In other words, you need a minimum of 15 minutes 25 seconds to get rank 5... If someone dies they will lose the buff and will need to start their ranks all over again, but
once you get rank 5 you can die and it will still register for the achievement.`

The order that these effects start triggering are Earth > Shadow > Ice > Fire.  The earth effect is first, at 40 seconds after the auras spawn, then 10 second intervals for the other 3.

Earth (brown aura) will drop a trap centered on the target which will also trap anyone else around that person, 40 seconds after the auras spawn. These traps can only be damaged by spells, songs and pets at this time,
you can't melee them. They have a good amount of HP and I dont think they intended players to kill them. These traps explode afer 1 min 25 seconds and do more damage the closer you are to a max of 215,000 with
500 range. I got hit by it a few time for about 15k damage but I have no idea how far away they were at that time. You can use CotH or even better dont even let it trap you, more details on that a little later!

Shadow (purple aura) will banish you to the west area which (requires some pre clearing) 50 seconds after the auras spawn... You can have the tank on Aaryonar do the shadow aura so they
are the one to get banished, as they will get summoned right back. You can also use the /rewind command but we dint know want anyone saying that we we're exploting this command was so we
decided to not use it.

Ice (blue aura) will lure you toward the middle pillar with Pull of Sleet 60 seconds after the auras spawn. Pull of Sleet debuff is a 225k DD and a 6.5k mana DoT for 3 ticks. That is acceptable after the dot damage
reduction. What becomes not acceptable is when you have Pull of sleet, as well as Roar or Curse debuffs and when people fail to place the decals and traps away from the group.

Fire aura (red aura) will drop 3 fire decals centered on the player 70 seconds after the auras spawn at a 6 seconds interval which need to be isolated away from the group.

Now on top of these effects 20 seconds after the auras spawn the script casts a random damage over time and tbh no matter which one you end up with you better have something going to help
you stay alive. Keep the group together for group heals, heal over time and time your glyph and disc, especially if you're the tank. We also kept getting both the Curse and Roar at the same time
when we first tried to figure out the achievement. Thats over 530k damage a tick which made us put the achievement on hold to focus on something else.

Now on top of all that, a racnar spawns every 2:25m, pre Grolik phase. If Grolik phase is active then you get the golems (guardians) instead of the racnars.

From here you are on your own to complete the mission

Things to setup pre starting the event are:
Aaeyonar tank spot and healer(s) and test group heal range
Assign who is going to get which auras
Assign a general location to regroup that keep everyone in range of group heals and position Aaryonar
Assign where the traps and fire decals are going to get dropped

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