Author Topic: November 4, 2019 - The Eve of Miragul Launch  (Read 19929 times)

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November 4, 2019 - The Eve of Miragul Launch
« on: November 04, 2019, 04:50:28 PM »
As most of you know, House of Thule was the very first expansion EQResource offered guides for.  When we began we knew very little about web development - we just wanted to have a way to help the EverQuest players enjoy this great game as much as we did!  We never thought the community would show so much love and support to our little project (and we are forever grateful for that).  As you can imagine, the HoT expansion holds a special place in our hearts.

That's why the announcement of the Miragul server was a huge excitement to us!  Over the years we've added many new features and new formats to EQR that were never back-ported to our HoT section.  As such, our HoT section was...a mess.  We've been working hard over the past few weeks to bring our House of Thule section up to date with our newest features!  In addition to re-formated pages that are easier to understand and more informative, you'll find brand new pages that did not exist in the HoT section before, such as the Group Vendor page, Raid Gear, Raid Armor, Raid Loot Tables, Creating Armor, and more!

We hope to see many of you tomorrow, both on the Miragul server and here on EQResource!

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Re: November 4, 2019 - The Eve of Miragul Launch
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cool thanks