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October 21, 2019 - A first look at ToV Beta!
« on: October 21, 2019, 06:25:23 PM »
Beta has been open by invite only for a few days now, and we've been busy exploring and begining the early stages of piecing together our Torment of Velious guides!  We've had people asking us what the ToV Beta is like, so we decided to put together a little preview of what we've discovered thus far!  Please note: It is currently very early Beta, so anything we show in this guide is subject to change at any time!

The Zones:

In ToV Beta there is currently 7 new zones.  They are all re-imagined versions of previous Velious zones, with updated graphics and some really cool new ice!  There are new NPC models as well.

The zones that are currently accessible on Beta are:
The Eastern Wastes
The Tower of Frozen Shadow
Ry'Gorr Mines
Crystal Caverns
The Great Divide
Velketor's Labyrinth
Kael Drakkel

Here are some screen shots we gathered while lightly exploring.  You can click on any of them to see a full sized version!

The Armor and Gear

ToV gear itemization is very similar to TBL, in that there are 3 tiers of Group gear and 2 tiers of Raid gear.  Like TBL, the final tier of each Group and Raid is "tradeskill" gear, requiring a dropped piece and a tradeskill piece to combine for the final item.  The difference this time, however, is that each player is limited to only 3 items from the Raid tradeskill tier.  Each player is allowed their choice of 1 Armor (visible) piece, 1 non visible, and 1 Weapon or Shield piece.  Note that this restriction is being fiercely debated and may change before ToV releases.

If you have an EQResource Premium Membership you can view all of the ToV gear at the following pages:
ToV Group Armor
ToV Group Gear
ToV Raid Armor
ToV Raid Gear
Type 7/8 Augs
Type 5 Augs

Here's a preview of a few of the weapon graphics.  These images are from the Raid and Group Tradeskill tier.  Click on any image to see a bigger version:

The New Features

The first new feature of ToV is the Hero's Forge Keyring.  Like the various keyrings before it, it allows you to place a specific type of item (in this case Hero's Forge ornaments) in they keyring, to save on bag space.  Unlike the other keyrings, you have to remove your HF items in order to use them (tho it is very early Beta, there may be plans to change this).

The second feature is titled "Overseer".  This feature will likely not make it into the expansion release, as it's taking DBG a while to get it finished.  We don't know much about this feature yet, but we know how to access it in game (tho it's currently not accessible - clicking the button does nothing), and we can view the source code for the UI piece that goes along with it.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the following is pure speculation, based on strings found while data mining and looking at the source code for the UI element for the Overseer feature.  Please do not take any of the following information to heart!

The Overseer feature seems to be similar to the Follower Missions in World of Warcraft, for those who are familiar with that.
Based on the information I've gathered, it appears players will have access to "Minions" which they can send on Overseer missions.  If it works like WoW's Follower Missions, this is sort of like an idle game inside of EQ.  Players can send their Minions on a mission, then return x number of hours later to see if their Minion succeeded or not on their mission.  Players may be rewarded with some type of points, currency, items, faction or other.  Again, this is all speculation based on information found while data mining!
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