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Rogue Burn order?
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:35:59 PM »
Hi all
I am a returning player left right after i think broken mirror came out.  I got all the new expansions and have leveled to 108 and will be 110 before long. I been putting AA toward necessaries like combat stability and agility but i did purchase all my tombs and a couple new AA abilities. but before i babel on I was wondering what the new rog burn order is for group and raid and if any can be put together in a macro too. I know there is no one way I'm just looking for the best opinion for maximizing DPS. I tried safehouse but no ones updated that in a few years. I do have 2.0 and I have tier 1 EToK i believe BP.  I have max poison skill too. 

Side note I don't have a parser any suggestion on were to download one that works good would be cool too. Thank you ahead of time any opinion would be apreciated

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Re: Rogue Burn order?
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