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EQResource Achievements:
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SMITHING(27 recipes per skill up) *amount as been added with tailoring

Bazu Skin x2,Damaged Bazu Skin x3, Pristine Bazu Skin x2, Ruined Bazu Skin x3, Tanned Bazu Skin x2, Tanned Damaged Bazu Skin x3, Tanned Pristine Bazu Skin x2, Tanned Ruined Bazu Skin x3
Magnetized Boots,Bracer,Gauntlets,BP,Helm,Pauldrons,Vambraces,Leggings,Belt,Collar x3 of each
Lightning Core x24
Feran Blood x47
Damaged Feran Hide x3, Feran Hide x2, Pristine Feran Hide x2,  Ruined Feran Hide x3, Tanned Damaged Feran Hide x3, Tanned Feran Hide x2, Tanned Pristine Feran Hide x2, Tanned Ruined Feran Hide x3
Murkglider Blood x24
Murkglider Skin x2, Damaged x3, Ruined x3, Pristine x2
Bazu Blood x 47
Gelidran Ice x24
Essence of discord x24
Pyrilen flame x24

essence of wind x86
temper x86x2= windstone x192
Acrylia Chain Jointing x36
Acrylia Rings x74
Folded Sheet of Acrylia x73
Shaded Hopperhide x12

Ldon smith/tailoring
Calcified - Goblin Bones (rujikan-ldon) x73(1 for brewing)
Deep Cavern - Pondweed in GuK x73(1 for brewing)
Frosted - Ice lichen in miragul x73(1 for brewing)
Gothic - Gargoyle Granite - mistmoore x73(1 for brewing)
Sandblasted -  Sand Verbena - Takish x73(1 for brewing)

PoP (smithing/tailoring)
-Night Terror Dream Haunt-
Nightmare Iron Rings (need15/1Bar of Nightmare Iron make 2=(8bar*)
Nightmare Iron Studs (25/2=(13*)
nightmare Iron  sheet (15/2=(8*)
Emblem of Nightmare: x30: blood, raw diamond, Enchanted Bar of Nightmare Iron, 1 for JC
Brick of Nightmare Iron x59*8+8+13+39 , 1 for JC
Nightmare Mephit Skin x7
Nightmare Mephit Blood x62
Nightmarewood Sapx21
Nightmare Arachnid Silk x28
Night Terror Temper 29+14: Fetid Slime(x43), Nightmare Mephit Blood(x43), Powdered Midnight Stone(x33)

-Storm Rider-
Emblem of Storms (28) (Enchanted Electrified Copper(28*), Gray Diamond of Storms (Raw Diamond/Storm Rider Blood x28)
Storm Rider Skinx7
Brick of Electrified Copperx57
Storm Rider Bloodx28+38=66
Storm Ent Sap x21
Storm Volaas Hair x28
Electrified Copper Rings (15/2=(8*)
Electrified Copper Studs (25/2=(13*)
Sheet of Electrified Copper(15/2=(8*)
Hurricane Temper (Drop of Pure Rain, Powdered Sandstorm Pearl, Storm Rider Blood) (14+8+13+8=38)

Liquid Stone Temper(50):(Earth Mephit Blood, Liquefied Earth, Powdered Granite)
Earthtwine Swatch(14x2(28)
Planar Steel Rings(15):(Brick of Immaculate Steel(8*), Liquid Stone Temper(8*)
Earthweave Curing Agent: (Stonewood Sap(3x7=(21), Vial of Purified Mana(7)
Emblem of Earth(28):(Brown Diamond of Earth:(Earth Mephit Blood(28*)+ Raw Diamond(28)+ Enchanted Bar of Immaculate Steel(28*)
Sheet of Immaculate Steel(15): (Brick of Immaculate Steel(8*), Liquid Stone Temper(8*)
Planar Steel Studs(25/2=13):(Liquid Stone Temper(13*), Planar Steel Bits(13*)

Emblem of Fire(28): (Blank Emblem, Enchanted Molten Bar(28*), Red Diamond of Fire) x28
Firesilk Swatch(17)x17x2=(34  Fire Arachnid Silk)
Firestrand Curing Agent(7): (Obsidianwood Sap(21), Vial of Purified Mana(7)
Fire Mephit Skin(7)
Molten Studs(25):(Liquid Inferno Temper, (Molten Bits(3)(Brick of Molten Ore=3)= 25/2= (13xBrick of Molten Ore,Liquid Inferno Temper(13*))
Molten Rings(15):(Brick of Molten Ore, Liquid Inferno Temper(15/2=8 Brick of Molten Ore(8*), Liquid Inferno Temper(8*)
Sheet of Molten Ore(15): Brick of Molten Ore(8*), Liquid Inferno Temper(8*)
Liquid Inferno Temper(47): Fire Mephit Blood(47+28*=(75), Metallic Substance(18), Powdered Magma Crystals: Magma Crystalsx3 to make 4(16 Magma Crystals)

Emblem of Air(28):Cloudy Diamond of Air(Air Mephit Blood(28)*, Raw Diamond(28*), Enchanted Bar of Wind Metal(Chunk of Wind Metal(28*), Vial of Purified Mana(28)
Flowing Rainbow Temper(30): Sheet of Wind Metal(15/2=8)+Wind Metal Chain(1)+Metal Rings(8 )+Metal Studs(25/2=13)=(Fog Fragment(32), Air Mephit Blood(37*), Gaseous Condensate(37)
Chunk of Wind Metal(15+8+13
Airsilk Swatch(14x2=(28)
Air Mephit Skin(7)
Airstrand Curing Agent(7): Featherwood Sap(21)+Vial of Purified Mana(7)

-Decorin Ore Shard x1 spawns while fighting Tagrin Maldric + Valorium Shardsx1

Emblem of Water(28): Water Mephit Blood(28*) + Raw Diamond(28) + (Chunk of E'cian Ice(28*), Vial of Purified Mana(28)(
Povarian Mist Temper17+21(Ice Scales(8 )+Ice Studs(9)+Sheet(15/2=8) = Shimmering Fish Gills(43), Soapstone(), W-Mephit BloodX43+28*(71)
Waterweave Curing Agent(7) Slarghilug Slime(21) +(Slarghilug Kelp Strands>Watertwine Swatch(2)X15=30)
Chunk of E'cian Ice(?+28)

Brick of Deathsteel Ore x30 + (Grinning Goblin Brew, Mt. Death Mineral Salts) x30: Frontier mountain/goblin cave

Essence of Fire x28 + imp blood 30 + fiery ore x34 + 30 flame agate : all in SolA but essence of fire in lavastorm elemental

NEED 2 of each essence from Brewing for Smithing and Pottery.
Antonican Needle > Vital Essence > Surefall Sap(Foraged:Grimling Forest or Qeynos Hills)
Northman Needle > Everfrost Essence -  Frost Turnip(foraged in Everfrost)

Vale Needle > Vale Essence > Black Root(Foraged in Misty Thicket)

Blood Spik > Spiteful Essence > Cactus Pulp(Foraged: N-RO)
Froglok Needle > Marr Essence>  Bag of Sea Salt(Foraged in S-Ro)

Koada'Dal Needle > Faydark Essence > Cinnamon Sticks( Foraged in Greater Faydark)                                 
Teir`Dal Needle > Nektulos Essence > Glow Lichen(Foraged in Nektulos Forest)
Cabilisan Needle > Cabilis Essence >  Deadbone Barley(Foraged in Field of Bone)
Norrathian Needle >  Thunder Essence > Thunder Salmon(Foraged in W,E,S,N Karana, Jagged Pine, Nedaria)   
Crystalwing Needle >  Crescent Essence  > Crescent Perch(Fished in Crescent Reach)

Erud Needle > Erud's Essence > Barren Flounder(Fished in Erud's Crossing)
Earthen Needle >  Butcherblock Essence > Stonefish(Fished in Butcherblock Mountains)     

Clockwork Needle >  Clockwork Koi(Fished in Arkanon) 

Feir'Dal Needle > Essence of Sunlight(droped in Sro,Nro, skyfire, Upper Guk,Wakening land) 

Vah Shir Needle   >  Shar Vahl Essence > Payala Fruit(Spawns underneath trees with blue tops in Shadeweaver's Thicket (east side)
Bile Spine > Fetid Essence > Fishing Grubs(buyable)



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