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Tailoring (350)


EQResource Achievements:
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TAILORING(15 combine per)/SMITHING
Haze Panther skin x12
Ice Burrower Silk x44
Severed Feran Tentacle x1
Hynid Blood x113
Cragbeast skin: HQ x3 MQ x3 LQ x3 damaged x3
HQ Hynid hide x5, MQ Hynid hide x3, LQ Hynid hide x3, Tattered Hynid Hide x3

Treated Aligned Steel Thread x46
Treated Shimmering Steel Thread x59
Flawless Tae Ew Hide x15
Pristine Tae Ew Scale x46
Froglok Blood, Iksar Blood, Sarnak Blood x23
Tae Ew Blood Vial x42

Tigeraptor Hide x12
Holgresh Fur x12
Black Panther Skin x12
Rockhopper hide:Flawless x12, HQ  x39, MQ x15, LQ x4, Superb x12

Keen Metal Spike x 12, Purple Diamond of Torment, Blood Treated Kaniz Hide, putrescient blood

Gnoll Fur Patchx16

Shaded XXX(12): Mind worm hide x20 +  Shadeling Silks
Acrylia Studded (12)

Mounted Head(VoA/RoF) x15 different one

Supple Wolf Pelt x1

Fine Silk Swatch (in Dreadspire Keep) >> Last Blood

See Smithing(350) for PoP and LDoN


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