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Note to Biddliss
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Re: Note to Biddliss
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This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you do not have the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul (necromancer epic 1.0).

Find Geboron in the Plane of Knowledge at -860, +305.

You say, 'Hail, Geboron'

Geboron says 'Yes. . . ______ is it? I have heard of you. I am Geboron, assistant to Kazen. It is most fortunate for you that you happened upon me. I have a task that is of the utmost importance and I believe I can trust you with it. There has been talk recently among my brethren of a most powerful staff that was recently discovered in the realm of discord and is now in the hands of a group of paladins. However my undead servants have informed me that the paladins were transporting the staff through the Karanas and suddenly disappeared without a trace. I want you to find my contact, Yuanda in West Karana and give her this note. It says you are working for me now. Find out what happened to those paladins and the staff! If you find out anything, talk to my assistant, Egonis in Lake Rathe.'

You receive a Note to Yuanda. Take it to Yuanda in West Karana.

Yuanda reads the note. 'So you are working for Geboron? Yes I have seen the paladins and the staff they were guarding. They passed through here just one day ago. From what I have been told, they were attacked by a pack of werewolves. All of the paladins were killed and one of the werewolves took the staff. If you want the staff you will need to find these werewolves. Oh, no! Here they come now! I am getting out of here!'

Five of "a snarling werewolf spawn." Four are level 67-68, hit for 600, are mezzable but immune to melee, and summon. One is 69+, hits for 1200 (and this increases as its health drops), is unmezzable and is magic-resistant. You have 30 minutes to kill them all. Once they're all dead, the last one says...

'Your attack was in vain, fool. The staff was stolen from us by a bandit only hours ago.'

Shady Bandit spawns at about -3975, -10930, -5 (under a tree at the river, south side of the zone). Hail him and he will attack. He's level 67 or 68, hits for around 1200, has a 950 lifetap proc, and is snareable. Once he's dead, loot a Contract of Sale. Take this to Egonis in Lake Rathetear at +2455, -655.

Egonis says 'So the foolish brigand sold the staff to Ronaiar, eh? Who is Ronaiar? He is an insane necromancer that makes his home somewhere near the lake. I had a feeling he would try to get his hands on the staff. That is why I came out here. I must inform Kazen of this turn of events and you must destroy that decrepit fool, Ronaiar. If you find the staff, give it to Geboron.'

Go to the aviak island to find Ronaiar Skullmoore at +2695, +1005.

You say, 'Hail, Ronaiar Skullmoore'

Ronaiar Skullmoore says 'So you have come to stop me?' Ronaiar throws a magnificent, yet evil looking staff into the water. 'The precious staff you seek is now lost in the lake for all eternity!'

He attacks. He's level 68, hits for around 1000, and dies rather quickly to a single group. The corpse is empty, but in the water near where he died, you'll find a goblin named Worboli at +3000, +1005, -227.

You say, 'Hail, Worboli'

Worboli says 'Yes, yes, looking for the staff are yous? We can tell. We does see a staff but yous must [do somethings] for us first, yes?'

Hail Worboli again.

You say, 'I will do somethings.'

Worboli says 'The gnolls tooks something that was mines. They tooks my fish. It was nice and rotten, yes it was. Yous finds my rotten fish and maybe we can tell about the staff.'

Now a Gnoll Scavenger (level 68) will spawn on the aviak island at +2260, +950, -16. It hits for 1100 and rampages, but should be doable by a single group. You loot a Rotten Fish.

When you go to give the fish to Worboli, he's not there. In his place is a Man-Eating Freshwater Shark, which hits for 800 at the beginning and up to 1200 near death. Once it's dead, loot a Piece of the Staff.

Head back to the Plane of Knowledge and give this to Geboron.

Geboron says 'I ask you to find a staff of great power and you bring me this??! A piece of the staff? You are an incompetent fool! Take this trash back and give it to Kazen so that he may punish you as he sees fit! Begone!'

Kazen Fecae may be found at +350, -1550 near Lake Rathetear. Give him the Piece of the Staff.

Kazen Fecae says 'Geboron has told me that you would be giving this piece of the staff to me. Do not fear. While I am not angry with you for failing to bring me the staff, I am not thoroughly pleased either. However, this piece could hold the key to discovering the staff's whereabouts. I wish to research this staff piece but first I need some special research tools. Take this note and travel to Steamfont. Find a gnome named Biddliss Sperandu and give him the note. When you obtain the research tools hand them to me.'