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Proof of Health


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Request Phrase: stop
static zone again
requester gets item: [Message from Jerill the Enraged]

Task Step:
1 - Deliver Jerill's scroll to Ilsa Granger 0/1 (Ruins of Lxanvom)

2 - Find evidence of the Plane of Health's power within the Crypt of Sul 0/1 (Crypt of Sul)
  - NW room ("secret" room behind bookshelf) there is [a captured seraph] clear the room, and talk to it, after some text, then 2 x a bokon conduit spawn

3 - Kill the Bokon Conduits siphoning power from the Valkyrie 0/2 (Crypt of Sul)

4 - Speak to the captured seraph 0/1 (Crypt of Sul)
  - Receive item: [Seraph Feather]

5 - Deliver the captured seraph's feather to Ilsa Granger


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