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« on: November 14, 2015, 06:17:56 PM »
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Re: Grummus!
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2015, 04:25:45 AM »
The 4 minis. Pzo, Qezzin, Meedo, Raddi. Qezzin Adan casts roar of terror which is ae fear. Meedo Adan casts Pyroignition and Leechlife. Pzo Adan casts Veil of the Zephyr which is a 30 feet range PB AE stun. and Raddi Adan uses Defensive and Culling Blade - that's a 30 feet range PB AE for 50k which can get very nasty for a group of melee since he used it 30 seconds into the fight and every 30 seconds after. We only got 3 clickies and they did not take down Grummus shield. Lucky we had a ranger to  bow him down.

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Re: Grummus!
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2016, 07:58:55 PM »
write up @

Update  Dec 2 Patch : Tank/tanks have to be able to tank all 4 of the named at once. They are aggro linked and can not be split, nor kited due to run speed of mob.

Keep the mobs facing away from each other or they get a power up

Kill order is , listed by order of threat they pose.

Qezzin Adan – Brute -Amulet of Nightfall
Meedo Adan – Rat -Amulet of Dawn
Raddi Adan – Undead -Pendant of Darkness
Pzo Adan – Fatty -Pendant of Illumination
Mobs abilities you have to deal with is.

Qezzin Adan – Roar of Terror – AE fear  and Random Feign Dead  and Festering pain – Decrease in HP when cast by 96500 – this is why you kill him first. Full Burn on him.

Meedo Adan – Leechlife – Single target decrease in hit points by 62850  and Pyroignition – single target dot decrease in hit points by 38850 per tick

Raddi Adan – Culling Blade -Point Blank AE for 49k

Pzo Adan – Veil of Zephyr -Point blank 30 radius 2 second Stun

Grummus’s aura is ~ 40k a tick so melee can NOT engage with shield up.

Grummus throws out a barrel with a aura that is also 40 K a tick so MOVE fast.

Update 1 : After over 5 runs on this mission, I could not get the shield to drop like we did on Dec 10th using this click order.

Pendant of Darkness
Amulet of Dawn
I Reported as a bug  and Absor quickly replied.

Nope, nobody changed it. It’s been the same for months and months. Didn’t even get changed during beta.


Update 2 : We are thinking the reason certain classes who are clicking are able to drop the shield and others are not is due to the clicker having the  AA Improved Twincast and not the actual order being cast.Wizards are reporting being able to click all 4 items in any order to drop the shield.

UPDATE 3: Senwar has reported a 75 percent shield drop rate using three clicks

Pendant of Darkness
Amulet of Dawn
Amulet of Nightfall
This will drop Grummus shield and he will charge you. BURN him down while avoiding barrels.

/open the chest for the loots.

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Re: Grummus!
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