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Who We Are

Dead Halfling Society is a guild that has existed in both iterations of Everquest's progression servers and is getting ready to participate in the new TLP progression server this summer. We are a seasoned group of players with a wealth of experience both on normal live servers as well as the progression servers, and due to our familiarity with progression servers we are keenly aware of the special challenges, and benefits of playing on those servers.

We play at our own pace and don't rush anything. While we are all competitive players, and enjoy challenging ourselves, we don't feel that the stress of hardcore raiding is worth the benefit. Our goal is to enjoy the progression server in our own time, and in our own way. As such, we plan to accomplish all that the progression servers have to offer in terms of raids and quests, but we will do so on our own schedule, usually an expansion behind those who feel the need to raid in a hardcore environment.

We are a family guild that raids. We want to accomplish a lot in this game, but not at the expense of our personal lives. We take raiding very seriously, and if you are online when a raid is called, attendance is required, but we don't require people to have a minimum attendance record to maintain membership. We are very casual-friendly and many casual players have called DHS home over the years.

We don't weigh our accomplishments against those of others. We play the game to have fun, not to brag about loot or how fast we beat an encounter. Our time in-game is our own, and we prefer to spend it with our friends, instead of chasing endless goals to impress others. As a result, we set goals for ourselves, take the necessary efforts to complete those goals, and only judge ourselves based upon our own expectations of our performance.

If what you've read about us sounds appealing, and you'd like to experience all that the progression servers have to offer, but at a more relaxed pace than that of a hardcore raiding guild, we might be the guild for you. Our recruitment is open, and we look forward to seeing you in-game.