Author Topic: October 24, 2014 - The Darkened Sea NDA is Lifted!  (Read 10760 times)

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October 24, 2014 - The Darkened Sea NDA is Lifted!
« on: October 24, 2014, 03:01:56 PM »
The Darkened Sea NDA has been lifted!  We've been hard at work building our The Darkened Sea section, and would like to invite our Premium Members to take a look at everything we've done so far!  If you are an EQResource Premium Member, you can access our The Darkened Sea expansion section by clicking on the "The Darkened Sea" link on the menu on our Home Page.

Please note that our The Darkened Sea section -will- be unlocked to everyone -before- the expansion officially launches.

Additionally, we've opened up a new section recently -!  This is an items database with advanced searching features.  You can search and sort gear, armor, augs, and all other items by many criteria and/or stats.  With the TDS NDA being lifted, we've opened up all the TDS gear and armor from the Beta server to our Premium Members!  Please note, much of this armor and gear may be missing the proper icon, and could be missing some stats and/or focuses.  This will all be fixed after the items go Live.

And, what about Spells?  You know we've got that covered too!  We've opened our Beta server Spells & Skills database to our Premium Members.  In addition, we've created some quick links for all classes to be able to see their new class spells!  We are inviting all EQ players to take a look at their new spells!  Please keep in mind this data is from the Test server, so it should not be considered finalized in any way.

Bard TDS Spells
Beastlord TDS Spells
Berserker TDS Spells
Cleric TDS Spells
Druid TDS Spells
Enchanter TDS Spells
Magician TDS Spells
Monk TDS Spells
Necromancer TDS Spells
Paladin TDS Spells
Ranger TDS Spells
Rogue TDS Spells
Shaman TDS Spells
Shadow Knight TDS Spells
Warrior TDS Spells
Wizard TDS Spells
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