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Title: April 9, 2019 - EQR Discord Bot Beta Launch
Post by: Rorce on April 09, 2019, 05:21:06 PM
Today we are releasing the first Beta version of our newest software title to our Premium Members, EQR Discord Bot.

EQR Discord Bot is an application that allows users to set up "Filters" which monitor their EverQuest directory and forward filtered messages to their Discord server. Users can filter their Guild Chat, Guild Achievements, Guild MOTD, Fellowship Messages, Chat Channels and more to Discord.

You can find this program, along with the rest of our software titles, in the EQResource Software section: https://software.eqresource.com/index.php

(https://software.eqresource.com/images/discordbotgui.jpg) (https://software.eqresource.com/images/discordbotgui.jpg)

(https://software.eqresource.com/images/discordbotchatsample.jpg) (https://software.eqresource.com/images/discordbotchatsample.jpg)