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Castle Rulnavis Quest 1

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The bonuses of heroic charisma on faction gains have to be set 'per faction' so the vast majority of factions are not set up to use this scaling.

The scaling on Castle Rulnavis and Castle Tamrel gains are: for every 50 points of heroic charisma you have you get 20% more gains up to 100% at 500 points of heroic charisma. Rather than truncating gains (because the minimum faction adjustment is 1 point) a decimal remainder causes the system to do a random roll to determine whether or not an extra point is added.

The interval on 'most but not all' other factions that use heroic charisma for modification are for every 100 points you get a 20% bonus up to 100% at 1000.

Additionally, 'most but not all' of the other factions that use heroic charisma have a 'reaction bonus' whereby you get 20 more points to your reaction to that faction for every 100 heroic charisma up to a maximum of 100 bonus reaction points for 1000 points of heroic charisma.

Most of the factions that make use of heroic charisma are from SoF and SoD.

we are stuck on the books cant find any where they are posted on the map any one have loc of where to click the library index to get the books?

P -1769.5756, 1284.7781, 74.1119, 0, 0, 127, 1, book_Face_North
P -1909.2235, 1323.3171, 74.1134, 0, 0, 127, 1, book_Face_South
P -2126.8936, 1343.9724, 74.1224, 0, 0, 127, 1, book_Face_East

Cut n Paste into your pow_1.txt Hope this helps; remember to turn in your Rulnavian Library Index clicker with the three books to Strategist Gromluk. All ogres see invis, so take care traveling to and from the Library.

To get the Captain Bones or the Soldier Bones you do need to kill the mob by the Burning Tar, and the Capt Bones do drop off both the Assailants and the Assaulters. Took me 2 days and many deaths to figure this out. Ended up using my Wizard's Silent Casting to kill without aggressing. One techniques was to bring mob below 10% then burn the rest of the way with Tar Dot. You can do this even without Silent Casting. With a Mage - you can tell the pet to stop tanking and just let the mob attack him while you kill with the Tar Dot. However, unless mob is under 10% life and your not using Silent Casting, the mob will probably aggress you.


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