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Is there any strategy to getting the soldier/captain bones to drop (2nd to last step)? We've been trying for hours and haven't gotten any captain bones yet. We've gotten a few soldier bones but they are pretty rare.

Got a Captain's Bones finally. The correct bones only seem to drop if you kill the mobs with the Burning Tar dot.

We haven't had good luck with them yet. Tried all sorts of mechanics. The tar debuff doesn't seem to stick to the assailant type mobs, but will on the assaulters. Most of the bones we found were the kind that "have been burned by the tar for too long". Looking like just killing them with the debuff on and hoping for the best in what are uncommon drops is the course of action.

Some tips on farming the tar -

- Ideally the tank should cast the tar dot, as it is massive aggro. If you have DoT AA it works on the debuff (SK was critting 330k/tick).
- It doesn't matter who gets the killshot (had successful drops for mercs, pets, people without the quest etc)
- The Quick Defense buff doesn't really affect it. Tar dot will still land and you get the + aggro, but damage is mitigated during this buff.
- Some of the mobs will wipe the Burning Tar debuff pretty quickly. You can repeatedly cast it and still get a successful drop, but it's difficult.
- Mobs only seem to drop anything if they give the "___'s bones are touched by burning tar" on their death. Even if they were dotted, sometimes they do not emote and you do not get anything.
- The disintegrated bones seem to just be common, and do not indicate a failure of some sort.


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