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Artifacts of Great Importance


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Step 1 - Speak with Brudo Gomph about historical ogre aftifacts
Step 2 - Eat Lompi's Miracle Stew
Step 3 - Return to Brudo Gomph
Step 4 - Face your inner demons within the cave to the south
Step 5 - Return to Brudo Gomph ***(hailing him locks the task)***
Step 6 - Defeat stone protectors surrounding the artifact within the large cave
 - Collect the artifact (when you click it 4 mobs spawn, but dont auto agro) however 1 is behind you
Step 7 - Return to Brudo Gomph (the end, hail is win)

Random Named inside task: A Xulous Invader - Wild Rampages droped:

What named dropped:
Signet of Tomorrow
Tome: Phantom Aggressor RK. II

and i messed up the numbering on last task... oops


--- Quote from: Infidel on October 10, 2013, 05:24:35 PM ---Step 5 - Return to Brudo Gomph ***(hailing him locks the task)***

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I've added in the Lock part


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