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Updated, Thanks!

Tearsin Rain:
warning to all:
for the step "Recover one of Miragul’s missing journals 0/1 (Neriak - Fourth Gate)" the pathing in this room is atrocious - mobs inside the room, when pulled, will very frequently just go tearing off out of the room and down the halls, up to the Queen's room above, call-for-help aggoring every mob in the building. i noticed this happens most often if you tag a mob from any sort of distance, and getting close to them stops them from running off.
be extremely careful when pulling this part, and whenever possible use snares even when first tagging it, so if it does go running off you have time to get near it and stop it from pathing funny.

Recover one of Miragul’s missing journals 0/1 (Neriak - Fourth Gate)

Just a warning to keep with it, my monk and enchanter got the update after 2 kills, 2.5 hours later the cleric got the update (Other sites/forums are saying about the same thing).

The best way to kill the necros in the center room (if you want to use those for the update) is to invis the group stand right on them and then engage. There is a mob in the middle of the room on the wall closests to the entrance (will make sense when you are there). 100 % of the time if you agro that person, unless you are right on top of it, the mob turns around runs out the opposite door (aggroing every mob in the room) out the hall around the entrance and back through the other hall into the closer side door agroing 20 + mobs in the process. If you stand right on top of it, it wont run just engage.

Most mobs in the room will run all over the place trying to get to you Moving mountains and hates attraction are your friends


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