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The Summoning of Droga


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Amorphous Selrach's Boots were in chest.

A couple of additional observations about this encounter.  You will first see 5 priests of Droga surrounding a pool.  You might be able to avoid them, but you want to kill them anyway, as the final fight is in the pool.  On the right side is a path, follow that path as it will take you to the balcony where the High Priest is.  Kill the warriors on the way.  Even if you get on the aggro list of a lot of warriors on the way, they are rooted in place, so just kill them one at a time. 

You will get a message that more than 6 minutes has elapsed since the start of the ritual.  It doesn't seem to hurt, although I suspect the final boss would not spawn if you killed the high priest within 6 minutes.  Anyway, the High priest itself is immune to spells unless at point blank range (belly caster). 

After the high priest dies The Incarnate Droga spawns below.  When it gets to low health, it starts spawning golems with little health.  We normally kill the first, and then ignore the second to finish off the boss.  After the boss dies a chest spawns underneath the balcony.

Greym Greymantle:
Amophous Selrach's Breastplate and extra planar potential shard dropped

This task locked right after killing Incarnate Droga for us tonight. First time that has happened to me at least. The log file that shows this...

[Thu Jan 26 21:32:44 2017] The Incarnate Droga collapses in defeat, releasing the spirit of Droga and foiling the high priest's plans!
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:44 2017] You gain party experience!!
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:44 2017] You have gained an ability point!  You now have 29 ability points.
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:44 2017] Mackinz slashes The Incarnate Droga for 38736 points of damage.
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:44 2017] The Incarnate Droga has been slain by Mackinz!
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:44 2017] Mackinz's instincts are sharpened by a Hunter's Rage.
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:45 2017] Your task 'The Summoning of Droga' has been updated.
[Thu Jan 26 21:32:45 2017] Your shared task is now locked.  You may no longer add or remove players.


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