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We haven't beaten this raid yet, but I will add what I have so far.

As write up says, hail Protector of Phara Dar and kill it to start raid. Run to south most room to engage Phara Dar and Talendar. They are belly casters, so casters must be in range for spells to land. After being dropped to 80 or so (we got Phara Dar to 50 on our last attempt), they fly away. Call pets back as they will chase them.

Run a few rooms to the north and you will find Talendar. Engage, and oozes will start to attack as well. I think the longer you wait to engage the more oozes you will have to fight. The oozes can be mezzed, but not blurred. Talendar runs away, call back pets and kill the oozes that are left.

That is where my raid failed. We had Shadow Flames cast on us by Nexona (never saw that NPC) which is a severe dot and silence. Quick death after that. The trigger for this is "You are encases in dark flames."

1st part... Kill Protector - easy
2nd part... tank 2 dragons.. Talendar to 80 and kill other one. both deaggro
3rd part.... follow Talendar.. till to 75%? if you take too long ooz we spawn
4th part.... 3 people get viral silence emote... get away from raid... rush in burn dragon to 50%?
Then this phase is over... Will also spawn Add called shade, that looks like someone in raid...
Follow Dragon to next part...

rest of raid is easy with just adds.... drag the people that die from the viral.. if you take too long it will reset

Run away if you get this:
Nexona ingnites a tiny dark flame on YourName

It takes 15 seconds for the silence/dot to hit you then you get:
You are encases in dark flames.

Then you can run back and hopefully get heals. The dot is not viral except that when it lands it is a PBAE around you. So dont be near people when it lands.

Keyword for us was ready, not prepared


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