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Bugs and Issues
« on: April 26, 2014, 03:28:18 AM »
If you have encountered a bug or other issue and would like to bring it to our attention to be fixed, please make a new thread and put the name of the program in the title:


and a short description of the bug:

[GamParse] When I backup my logfile with GINA it causes GamParse to crash.

In the post, please describe in detail the issue and the steps to repeat it:

I use both GINA and GamParse and I use the autobackup feature of GINA to manage my logfiles when they get too big. However, if GamParse is active when I use the GINA backup, GamParse will crash.

Steps to repeat:
1) Install GINA and GamParse.
2) Set both to monitor the same log file.
3) In GINA under Settings > Log Maintenance check the "auto-archive log files" box.
4) Run both GINA and GamParse at the same time.
5) Wait for the logfile to grow large enough to trigger the backup and cause GamParse to crash.

We will try to fix any bugs and issues that we can reproduce. Please keep in mind that we are limited by what is contained in the EQ log files, that means if EQ doesn't output it into the log file, (like other players' pet procs), we can't do anything about that and it is not a bug in the program.

*Additionally, while we are keeping GamTextTriggers available for download for those who still use it, development has ended for this program. We suggest that anyone still using GTT migrate to GINA

That said, you can still submit bug reports for GTT, and as long as they aren't too difficult to fix, we will see about it. No promises.

Make sure you follow the Forum Rules.
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