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The Step "Find the [status] of the trapped Ry`Gorr orcs takes place in Ry`Gorr mines, not EW, I expect the next few steps do too.

I didn't receive any prompts after status, and with both parley equipped I'm ally to rygor.

After status, they ask who sent you?

Crusader Vraket

Crusader for who?

Rallos Zek

Then you will receive blue prompt text.

He wouldn't respond to me until the following:
1. Evolved the earring to level 2
2. Said "All Hail Rallos Zek"

Deliver 10 Iron Ration to Ry’Gorr 0/10 (The Eastern Wastes):
First this is Rygor mines, also, not all live orcs count. You need to find the orcs that are trapped, in the NE corner of the map. Give 1 iron ration per orc, so you need to find 10 live orcs. Each orc that is correct, will update the task counter by 1.


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