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We've completed all TBL T1, T2, T3, and GMM events! Currently in farm mode of raiding. Wanna be apart of something special? apply today! https://www.silentredemption.net/applyform.php

Currently Available Class Openings

If you're interested in the guild and think you can compete, regardless of recruitment needs, please don't hesitate to throw an application. All classes open to exceptional people!

Raid Days:
Currently on Farm Mode: Sunday 6pm - 11pm EST & Monday 8pm - 11pm EST.

New content/progression/Chasing Lockouts For Flagging: Sunday 6pm - 11pm EST, Monday - Friday we start at 7:30pm and end at 11pm EST, raid invites start at 7pm EST. Once all new content is beaten we go into farm mode dropping down to just 2 days of raiding (Sunday 6pm - 11pm EST & Monday 8pm - 11pm EST)!!
Loot System:
Raid participation points (RPP). Points are accrued based on time spent in raid. Items have set costs based on tier and expansion. We have a Decaying points system that has worked excellent for us. New members wont have any trouble competing with old ones.

Requirements to be a Raider: these are things we are looking for in an applicant
Max AA (at least having your important AA's updated primarily)
Epic 2.0 (Zerker, Cleric, SK, Shaman, Bard, Necro (LoLcakes))
Shrink (everyone!)
Artisan's Prize Aug (not a deal breaker but its ideal for an applicant, even if your still working on it!)
can maintain 70% minimum Raid Attendance
*we have Discord

our awesome Forums can be Located here where you can also Apply!: https://www.silentredemption.net/

If your interested check it out. or you can contact us in game!
Guild Leader: Lisard
Raid Leaders: Scornfire & Maenn
Recruitment: Maenn
Officers: Spiffy, Ranonman
Members you can reach out to: Ryino, Amantius, Raccoo, Kelssie, Zarake, Daredilly

You can also watch us raid: Bring your own helmets and fire extinguishers.



Casual Membership: We have a casual wing in SR, Similar to how some other guilds do it. We have our main raid team we take applications for and in an effort to accommodate some raiders with friends and family we allow friends and family or an active person looking for a home to learn from us the chance to join the guild as a casual member. Once raid spots open up they will have the chance to move up if they want. We have a fairly active guild outside of raids. If this interests you there is no need to apply, Just get in touch with an officer for a quick chat.

Are casual members allowed to join raids here and there, when available? Similar to Freelance or another raiding group? Are they ever given gear that would otherwise rot?

Thanks much!

Yes, if the raid is not filled with all Full Members we allow casuals to attend raids.


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