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This next application I've been working on is an inventory manager for all of your EverQuest characters. It keeps track of all of your characters items, and allows you to search and sort through items across all characters.

To get started, run the installation and open the application. The application will auto monitor your EverQuest directory for new inventory output files. To set up an auto monitor, go to Options > Monitor Directories > Add Directory.

Once your EQ directory has been added you can type "/outputfile inventory" from inside your eq game. The MCIM program will automatically pick up the output file and parse it.

Realestate items are being implemented currently. You can try outputting them and playing with them, let me know if you run into any bugs!

I've also got more additions to this program in mind, but I'd like to know what you guys think, what you want to see added!

The installation for this application can be found below. As with applications like GamParse, you'll have to ignore the security warnings and allow the application to run/install. Maybe eventually I can afford a certificate to avoid that annoyance!

NOTE: If you get an error regarding Microsoft.Ace.OLEDB you simply need the Access Database Engine. I'm working on getting it to install with the MCIM setup, but for the time being you can install that from here: - This should be resolved, if you still get errors please relay those here (be as specific as possible please!)

Greym Greymantle:
It would be helpfull if the file name was NOT setup.exe . That one causes AV programs fits.


--- Quote from: Greym Greymantle on December 17, 2018, 02:45:12 PM ---It would be helpfull if the file name was NOT setup.exe . That one causes AV programs fits.

--- End quote ---

I'll change the name, but I'm doubting it will make a difference. Most AV's will dislike it because it doesn't have a trusted security certificate (which is rather expensive to get).

V Change Log:

 - Fixed an issue that allowed clicking out of intended bounds of context menus. Credit: Erollisi.Andien

 - Did a massive revamp of the Edit Accounts window. Hopefully this window is more informative and easier to understand. Credit: Cazic.Ranonman

 - Exiting the Edit Accounts window no longer forces a data refresh, but prompts the user to do so. Also added the "Refresh Data" option under the Options menu. Credit: Cazic.Ranonman

 - Corrected a bug that didn't refresh the character drop down menu (used for the "Worn Gear" tab) when a different version of EQ was selected (Live, Test, Beta).

 - Various lists that show Characters and Accounts should now sort alphabetically. Credit: Erollisi.Andien

 - Cut update and installation file sizes in half.

Greym Greymantle:
Greetings , this is very handy. I do have a suggestion / request if possible. in the search and filter tab, is it possible to get an additional listing with the last updated date?
Issue, when searching by character & account specific checked. The search ignores the fact that I have only one of each checked and lists everything on all accounts and multiple char. This is with item name blank. Example attached


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