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Hey guys. This forum is currently only available to Premium Members. Once this application is officially released, this forum will be open to the public and I will open the next private forum with my next software title to you guys for testing!

I haven't gotten the chance to write any documentation for this software yet, but basically what it does is monitors the status of the EverQuest servers (up, down, locked, high, low, medium, etc). You can leave it running minimized to your task tray and view each sample it takes of each server over time. You can also create "triggers" that will alert you when a server moves from one status to another status. So let's say it's patch day, and you want to be alerted when your server (let's use The Rathe as the example) is available to play on again. You may wish to make two triggers, one for when The Rathe moves from "Down" to "Low", and another for when The Rathe moves from "Locked" to "Low".

If you have some time, please play with this and let me know what you think! I'm looking for any bugs (please explain how I can reproduce the bug), and any feedback in general, both positive and negative (keep the negative constructive, please!).

I appreciate your help in advance, and I hope to bring you guys some great software as I progress my programming skills!

The installation for this application can be found below. As with applications like GamParse, you'll have to ignore the security warnings and allow the application to run/install. Maybe eventually I can afford a certificate to avoid that annoyance!

Made some big updates to this application - restart the application for it to grab the updates:
 - Cleaned up a few things for better performance.
 - Created an "Alert Window" that will popup if any triggers fired after a status refresh. This is in addition to the balloon notification (that seems to only show up if the application is minimized to system tray).

I'm working on documentation next, and plan to publicly release this application within the next week, assuming no big issues arise.

Still interested in any feedback or suggestions!


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