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Darkfires of Firiona Vie
« on: April 04, 2018, 10:44:30 AM »
Greetings!! Darkfires is reopening its recruiting! Sadly the recruiting had to be haulted last year due to health issues with the leader, but that is all over now and DF is ready to resume!

DF is now accepting both members AND officers. Members should visit our website and fill out an application, officers should send me a tell in-game to discuss it. Everyone is welcome here as long as our rules and creed are followed. No class, level, or subscription will be turned down. Everyone needs a home, who are we to deny that from someone?

In this guild, we offer free and superb quality voicechat, a fully decorated Palatial Guild Hall among the best that FV has to offer, a guild neighborhood with plenty of space for members as well as a pre-built town directly outside of the guild hall for the roleplayers out there, a guild website with sections for members and guests to post and/or view tradeskill information and class specific information, real quality leadership, and strictly enforced rules for YOUR benefit.

Darkfires is not a raiding guild, but we are not opposed to doing so in the future. My personal goal is to offer FV a guild that does everything rather than sticking to current content all the time. Lets face it, there are no guilds on FV that offer old raids where players can get those acheesments they're missing.

EQ isn't just about current content, it's about having fun, and no matter how new or old the content, it is still just that, fun!! Older raids may not offer rewards in this day and age, but that's not important. What's important is the fun factor and the knowledge that older content has to offer. Over the coarse of time, expansion after expansion, raids have grown and become more difficult in scale and mechanics. Older raids serve as kind of a tutorial to prepare you for bigger and more difficult things. You can't expect players who are new to raiding to just jump right into the hard stuff and be an immediate asset. They gotta get their feet wet first!

Darkfires is not seeking to be the top guild in numbers, skill, or anything of the sort. Just a humble and laid back place where friends can be made and played with, and goals can be reached as a team. But be sure to pull your own weight! We're not here to do everything for you, but we don't mind helping when needed.