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Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls

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Also need To the Brave, Go the Spoils to request.

Finally got the poison blast ach, thanks for the advice above. Here is the strat that we used:

1. Group stands in SE circle (the one to the left of Anashti if you are facing her). This is the circle that spawns the blue aura to protect against poison blast.
2. Tank starts mission and drags to circle. He also grabs aggro on all adds which the group ignores.
3. Group burns down Anashti. We didn't have quite enough dps, so healing shards did do some healing (failed that ach) but we kept burning Anashti below 70 health.
4. At 70 she starts casting poison blast. We just stay in blue aura and keep burning her.
5. At 50 she ports back to center and first mini boss spawns. We kill adds and then focus on mini.
6. Tank drag mini to north circle to make it vulnerable and group kills.
7. Tank drags next mini to SE circle (clockwise) and we kill that one.
8. Tank drags next mini to SW circle and we kill that one.
9. Anashti reactivates and we continue killing her, standing in SW circle that has purple aura.
10. Anashti dies, open chest.

We got all achievements except healing since we didn't burn down fast enough. Group consisted of enc, mage, 2 zerk, 1 druid, and 1 warrior. Warrior and enc had above average gear, but the rest were at various stages of being undergeared. As mentioned elsewhere, corruption and disease attacks heal Anashti in certain phases, but that wasn't an issue for this group.


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