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Request Phrase: Finish
Zone-in: Skull on table once again

Task Steps:
Discover the true nature of Anashti Sul 0/1 (Crypt of Sul)

After a few wipes, all we think we learned was...
3 adds come (timed it looks like)
3 shards pop (if not killed they DD, if all 3 are up then you wipe, 1 killed =125k dd, 2 killed is very managable)
She swaps to the "dark" version of herself, and casts a nasty dot while in that phase.
She also casts <Mark of Sul> which heals her every time she is hit. (she appears to chain cast it, if adds are up, possibly while shards are active too... (it can be dispelled)

The first 30% or so of this fight is a DPS race to get past the crystals/adds phase, when the first 3 spawn, pull them to your tank and ae them or assist burn them down and get back on the boss asap. As mentioned above, she casts a MELEE ds on her as soon as adds spawn, so you need to dispell this AFTER the final add is dead, if you do it before, she just puts it back on. You can avoid this DS by using Casters.
The crystals you should only get 1 set of if your group is bringing enough dps to the table and working together, you want to destroy all 3, but as mentioned above you can survive with less. The longer this part goes on, the more staggered the adds/crystals become, sometimes spawning at the same time. It's likely you'll be overwhelmed here, this is why you burn her past it.

When she goes into Decay mode, the dot mentioned above has to be avoided by going into the blue aura that randomly spawns on the pools around you, it seemed to be about 12 seconds from spawn to pooing ef, and you have to stand in it until it goes away (it will protect you from getting the DoT) If you have enough dps, you can entirely skip this phase by burning her down Very quickly.

I want to say around 50% she started spawning her Mini bosses. There was a ghoul, a skeleton sentinel, and something else. They always come in the same order, and so far are weak to the same aura every time. When they spawn, you have to drag them to the appropriate aura to be able to damage them, The first was South east, Go clockwise from there. These mini bosses aren't much to deal with, If you only have 1 tank, you should be okay, as Anashti seems rooted/inactive in the center during this phase.

All mini bosses down? Use whatever burns you have left, it's tank and spank from there. Keep your group's health topped all the way off as there is an AE that will continue firing off but you can fight through it no problem.

The loot is the same as all the other missions so far - LAME!

Currently /bugging the Poison blast achievement, it has not popped for the groups I was in or communicated with at least 4 seperate times with No deaths during entire fight.

Cazic.Xenthoxin, Best of luck everybody.

Phase 1: Health
Burn at 90%: Make sure she is dispelled when she has mark on her (every 35 secs once its starts being cast). Ignore adds that come or have an AE class (we have used a zerk/rogue/wizard/mage on our runs) AE them down while tank holds agro.

Kill Shards when they pop, we sic one dps on North shard while the rest run around the room, killing the other 2.

DPS her until the Decay phase before another round of shards pops (shards stop popping at 65%).

Phase 2: Decay
People will get marked for death, stay in the circle you are fighting in.

DPS her until she breaks off, runs to each of the 3 pools, gets to the center, and casts poison blast. At this point, a blue aura will appear in a random pool. You have about 5-6 seconds to get the entire group to that aura or you get Mortal Decay and possibly hit with poison blast (stay away from the center). Rinse repast until Mini phase.

When fighting, nobody can leave the circle, have the tank drag her to you. Don't try to agro her while she is pathing.

Phase 3: Mini bosses
Drag each Mini to their vulnerable aura circle (first is North, second is East, and third is West). If you are not running to a circle or inside a circle with your group, bad things will happen and you fail achieves.

Phase 4: Decay
This is where it gets tricky, stay in WEST aura (purple) and dps her down, when she ports back to center have the tank drag her to you AFTER she poison blasts. Again, nobody leave the purple aura, not even for a second, or bad things happen

Pro Tip > You can skip all of phase 1 and 2 if you super mega burn right from the start. That is if you bring enough good dps with you. The best set up for this is one good tank (preferably a paladin), one good healer, and 4 banging DPS. Try to include a good AE dps as well like a monk / zerker / Rog. They can AE dps while super burning her, thus taking care of the adds without even having to target them. The tank may need to use Deflection during this time and also needs to AE agroo so the DPS who are AE'ing don't get killed.

If your DPS is high enough, you will not get the crystals at all AND you won't even have to run to a single Aura. This can take you straight to the first mini. The rest is normal. Kill the mini's on their respective pads, N, E, W . After she goes back active again, you can just tank and spank her right in the middle. She does NOT need to go to any of the pads for the final part like many say...

Pro Tip #2 > The entire group must stay together for the hole mission. The number one thing that gets people killed in this is the Trap mechanic which many don't seem to understand how it works. Their are 2 Targeted AE's in this, one is the poison trap and the other is simply a targeted AE.

The poison trap is the one that leads to most groups wiping on this. It works like this > It's a massive DD towards whoever it is targeted on, it's basically a DT if your not near other people. The damage will be shared among everyone near you. So if your hanging back away from your group, your dead, period. This is why everyone must stay close together threw the entire event.

The 2nd AE, is just a targeted AE. It hurts a little but not very much in the group mission. In raids, you must get away from everyone but in the group version, do not run away!

The problem is the same person can be targeted for both, back to back. It also makes people get confused which one they have. If you run away with the trap emote incoming, your dead. After countless runs on this terrible mission I've found it better to just not have anyone run away, EVER. Just get some good group healing going and you should be fine. This means simply your group will be hit with AE's pretty frequently, but no one should flat out Die, this also helps with getting the achievement.

I also highly recommend a Paladin Tank for this as this will give you 2 group healers instead of 1, to make it easier to live threw the AE's.


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