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Palace of Embers

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In aalishai you can kill any type of mob (water, fire, earth, air) they each spawn their own ambassador and all the ambassadors will work to allow you access to the palace. Each ambassdor has a different name: All Consuming Sound = Water, Descending Light's Laughter = Earth, Warrior's Flowing Mind = Fire, and I don't know air

For Step 1: Flame Consuming Hand is the mob you are looking for. He spawned for us over in the ditch next to the embers zone entrance. At 9% he goes inactive, give him the keywords "we will kill you" for update. No matter where we killed in zone, he spawned over here.

Empty Ash Hero
(Snail Tender)

If you don't kill him fairly quickly after saying the phrase to him, he will despawn.

I tried to kill Warrior's Flowing Mind without success as my tank which has never had a problem holding aggro before just couldn't hold this mob's aggro and the members of my group that needed the kill kept dying as he turned on them...


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