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EQResource's 10th Anniversary Contest - Nagafen Wall Sign

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I have the perfect space in my WOMAN cave. No she shed for me!

From there it will light my path to the toilet, the kitchen and shine at night out my sky lights to confuse the aircraft flying overhead. In the game those are dragons but hey, real life ya know.

And when I need to dim the lights for "special" activities it will cast it's glow over the whole room creating a unique ambiance.

I can also use it to show off since this is one of a kind - just like me.

I'd hang it in the gaming room.

I'd put it next to my Everquest lithograph that Keith Parkinson made, which hangs above my monitor.

This deserves to be hung in my study and WFH office area where I can enjoy seeing it but off camera.

All else aside, CONGRATS on making it to the decade mark! I know from first hand experience how hard any small business, even a website can be.

Coag, 115 Wizard of Bristlebane

Randel Flag:
I would put this on the wall above my 100 gallon fish tank so it would show up on screen on both of my stream cameras !!!

when i stream on twitch i use two Cams, one on me, and one on my Oscer fish Ginger. people LOVE some Ginger!


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