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EQResource's 10th Anniversary Contest - Nagafen Wall Sign

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Happy 10th
would go in game room above my monitor

Tell us where you would display this Nagafen sign, should you be the winner!

I would display this sign on the wall above and to the right of my computer desk where I currently have the Star Wars Lego sets and our other nerd memorabilia that my son and I build and collect. I would probably adjust things around and put my son's Schleich dragon collection on the shelf that hangs just below where I would put the Naggy sign.

I would love to have it to put in my office with my rgb lighting I would be great to have one of a kind creation I'm a die hard eq player 16 hours every day It would be a proud moment.

lol, my wife will probably hate me because she hates that I play this game (#RAIDER4LIFE), but it'll go above my computer desk. It'll be a constant reminder that I need to PL/pimp out a lvl 52-something dragon-killing ninja and kill Naggy every single time that dude is up.

This contest has ended. Please congratulate our winner, Thunderkiks!


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