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EQResource's 10th Anniversary Contest - Nagafen Wall Sign

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The Contest -

For EQResource's 10th Anniversary, we are giving away a hand crafted, one of a kind backlit Nagafen wall sign! This sign is approximately 12 inches tall by 24 inches wide, and has several light color modes to choose from (but red or orange are the only two correct choices!). This is a one of a kind creation, and will never be offered in our Etsy shop.

This prize is being supplied by the Etsy shop my wife and I just launched, Timber & Twine: Handcrafted Designs. Be sure to check out the 16 EverQuest inspired wall signs we currently offer, or contact us if you are interested in a custom sign!

Entering this contest is simple! Just reply to this contest thread with a brief summary of where you would proudly display this Nagafen sign, should you be the winner! Will it be in your man cave, with the red glow fueling your late night raiding? Will Nagafen be looking down upon your grill, challenging it's propane-powered flames? Or perhaps above your porcelain throne, guarding your most vulnerable moments!

The Rules -

 - Due to us having to pay for physical shipping of rewards, this contest is only open to folks in the U.S. Sorry!
 - Tell us where you would display this Nagafen sign, should you be the winner!
 - Your entry should be a reply to this contest thread.
 - Write as much or as little as you like.
 - Only one entry per person.
 - At the end of the contest all entries will be numbered and a winner will be chosen at random.
 - The contest ends on September 10th at 11:59pm Pacific, and a winner will be announced by September 13th.

The Rewards -

(1) Hand Crafted Backlit Nagafen Sign

Sponsored By -

This contest is sponsored by Timber & Twine: Handcrafted Designs. Please go check out the epic EverQuest inspired class signs they offer!

I would probably display it over my PC desk next to my framed cloth Kunark EQ map.

As an aside, I really like these. Are you the same person selling these same things on ebay? I had looked at them before. And did you think about adding a little EQ Resource etching in the bottom corner to identify it as different from any others you end up making? Would be a nice touch.

I would put it on the wall above my two monitors in my den, right next to my Stuffed Fippy on his shelf watching me play.

I'm going to proudly hang this thing in my board game room, displaying it along with my collection of board games and other gaming memorabilia. It'll be hanging alongside several maps and paintings. It will be a neat addition for when friends and gaming groups come over.

I will proudly display the flag in my computer room.


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