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Day 3, Call of the Forsaken - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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The introduction of the Heroic Adventures was a good idea as far as I can see after all these years of break, a nice change :)

The Weebaaa:
Heroic Adventures by far were the best thing.

I started out oh so slowly Soloing progression, all of it, being new to the server.

After a while, it sunk in that random people were in fact interested in doing these "missions", and they were forgiving enough where you could stack classes and still succeed.
Plus oh yes, the rewards were great.

Were they over rewarding? Probably.

Was it fun participating in them with randoms, making some friends, and achieving some goals? for sure!


As a returning player after a long layoff (10 years), it was nice to be able to find people to group with and get some xp and AAs to get caught up again. Couple that with the ability to eventually do 3 gribbles on a Lesson of Devoted burn and it turned into one of my favorite places. Don't really recall what level I was able to get in on some groups as i didn't heroic myself instead grinded up from 76ish.

My favorite thing about this expansion was that it was the expansion that TSM RED was born and I was able to be a part of that. Many new faces came out of the wood-works and many other players were able to main switch and fun was had by all.

cotf was more of a grind expansion for me rather then one that I really looked forward to enjoying. but I have a couple items I got from raiding that I still use occasionally to this day. that is the cure disease shield and the cure poison clickie. when I get dotted or debuffed I just smile click and thank cotf =)


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