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To everyone saying shinies, they were introduced in RoF haha. CoTF was okay, obviously not as cool as RoF though. My favorite part of CoTF though had to be the Tower of Rot mission with the mez cheeves. You had to have a certain group to win, that was awesome. What was also cool is that in the ToR mission as well as raid, no mana procs worked here. Like no one got gift of mana. It made the mission and raid VERY challenging, but also very fun. I did the mission once on my druid, before I mc'ed to the cleric. So it was neat to see how those two classes worked without extra mana abilities. QM was my best friend.

Also, the REAL best part of cotf was in bixie, the npc, Snazlieu the shadow. Well irl when something happens, that confuses me, I always say, Snazzy Snazlieu. Still, to this day.

CotF for me was different... the pre-expansion release quests was so cool... got a cool title and such.. the zones were beautiful and full of detail.. and using the group currency from HA's which was so cool to have your own instance and not fight other players for loot... you were able to buy previous expansions was so cool

After my return to the game, this was the first expansion I was able to entirely complete group and raid progression in. I, along with a few other guildies, guest raided with another guild on the server at the time. We were able to attend raids during the work day due to our schedules. So, we would bs in voice chat together throughout the raid. Those were some fun times.

I came in late to the expansion, but new content was added around the time of my return. That allowed me to join others delving into unexplored content. Although brief, I thought it was neat that part of the progression took you to the Plane of Growth to speak to Firiona Vie.

Rushing through as many heroic adventures as possible was enjoyable at the time, but I think everyone eventually got tired of those. One thing I always enjoy doing is progression missions, especially with friends. In general, raids and missions are my favorite type of content, as they enforce working as a team to try to overcome a challenge. Which leads into what my favorite part of the expansion was... the Tower of Rot mission. That mess of a mission provided so many hurdles, especially if going for achievements. I love that kind of stuff.

It's Gribbles. For better or worse (and I've heard it both ways).

The actual shame about CotF is that the best zone is probably Argin-Hiz, which is at the end of the expansion and not that many folks bother to adventure within.

Trying to get the no one die achievement in the first raid, when split raiding, and watching the other raid get it and our raid not get it for months!


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