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Day 3, Call of the Forsaken - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Welcome to Day 3 of the 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

Todays theme is the Call of the Forsaken expansion. Please post in this thread to participate in day 3 of the contest! We want to hear what your favorite part of the Call of the Forsaken expansion was!

For full contest details, please visit the official contest thread here:

My favorite part of CotF was definitely the introduction of Heroic Adventures. I really enjoyed these missions, and thought they brought variety and flavor to the content. They were a breath of fresh air for the LFG'ers, and brought people together more so, in my opinion, than in most recent previous expansions.

I liked the HA's because you could start them at 75, and could either buy gear for your level from previous expansions or save up till you hit 100 and get the good stuff !. it was also nice to find some of the augs that were a pain to camp were now purchasable on the vendors. Tainted West Karana was nicely done, big zone, being careful to avoid the cyclops Roon and Shoon brought back memories of original Karana's. Merc equipment was nice, just wish it was visable. The Dark Elf Plate ornaments and Bixie Plate ornaments were nicely done and still some of my favorites. Raids were fun, I loved my Cold Steel Axe !!!

CoTF was the first expansion that I found where you could go in and Burn a quick lesson with a HA , Get some nice gear and loot and finish off your play time with a rewarding experience. It was always nice to end that way after a tough day of Grinding, Quests, or Progression where things didn't feel always so rewarding. So to have this as a final treat was a nice addition to the game!! Happy 7th Anniversary!! We love your walk though's by the way!!

My favourite bit was the way you could do the same easy HA's over and over and over and over again till you were max level and fully geared.



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