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Day 2, Rain of Fear - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

Todays theme is the Rain of Fear expansion. Please post in this thread to participate in day 1 of the contest! We want to hear what your favorite part of the Rain of Fear expansion was!

For full contest details, please visit the official contest thread here:

Rain of Fear is one of my favorite expansions, probably top 3! The Beta for this expansion was unusually fun, for some reason.

This is the expansion when I took over raid leading for a previous guild, Brotherhood of the Spider, and lead our guild to finishing RoF in first place on The Rathe server.

I especially enjoyed the staggered content. In the end, it allowed for an expansion with much more content than the normal full release, once a year, cycle. I know many people did not like this staggered release cycle, however.

RoF raids were some of the first that I attended when I came back to the game and joined Heroes on Luclin. I particularly enjoyed Velishan raids and having special spell sets saved for that encounter-after being told to keep my ice nukes to myself!

RoF Hunter achiments bags are good incentive for me to go back and kill the all the names.

By far RoF was one of my favorites as well. I just remember needign double invis for most of the zones to get to the epicenter. Getting my Glyph aug was actually adrenaline pumping and the final raid for that zone between Xaric, the adds and having Cazic thule pop up again was probably one of the best raids Ive done with my guild


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