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July 21, 2022 - Producers Letter July 2022
« on: July 21, 2022, 04:09:52 PM »
Mergers, Death, Pride, and more!

EverQuest is still going strong thanks to all of you! As we inch closer to another year older, we cannot help but reminisce about our years together. It is a wonderful past steeped in rich lore and fantasy, sweetened with friendships and love for the game we all hold dear. As we continue to grow our game family and strengthen the bonds that hold us together, we would like to let you all know that we appreciate you greatly and are thrilled you have chosen to continue your travels through Norrath with us.
As most of you will recall, we shared our roadmap for the year in January. We received a great amount of feedback, and we thank you for that. In case you missed it, you can visit the original article at EQ Roadmap 2022. We have continued on-course, mostly, as well as remained working on smaller fixes and improvements. Read more in the links below.

2022 Roadmap Update:

            23rd Anniversary Celebration
            New Progression Servers Vaniki and Yelinak
            First Annual Tempest Festival
            Pride Month with New Familiars
            Torment of Velious Free-to-Play and Call of the Forsaken Items Available
            New Scorched Sky Celebration
            Server Merge of Phinigel and Miragul to Vox
            New Overseer Achievements and Reward Improvements

    Coming up soon:
            Heroic Characters Update - New Heroic Characters will start at level 100.
            Time-Locked Progression Server Expansion Unlocks Moved to Thursdays
            2022's Expansion Beta + Preorder
            New Content for Nights of the Dead

One of the items listed in the previous Producer's Letters was the merging of Phinigel and Miragul to Vox. It was slated to have happened by June and was postponed. This delay was necessary to ensure the merger would go smoothly and to avoid possible issues which were imminent. Thank you for your patience and supportive words as we completed this merger.

The deathstravaganza of the Death, Death, Death! Event started on July 20, 2022 and will be running until August 9, 2022. Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and let the games begin! A quick reminder that this event is about you killing the most old-world bosses in the fastest time and not your own character's death.

We also had some unlocks happen on July 20, 2022. Aradune and Rizlona servers unlocked The Serpent's Spine and Yelinak unlocked the Ruins of Kunark. On July 27, 2022, Mangler will unlock the Veil of Alaris. As noted above, TLP Expansion unlocks will be moved to Thursdays starting in September. This change is happening to avoid conflicts with patches on Wednesdays and expansion launches on Tuesdays.

In other news, Darkpaw Games, as part of Daybreak Games' DE&I initiative, recently pledged a donation of $5,000 to The San Diego LGBT Community Center. One of the many projects this organization works on is helping to solve the housing crisis in San Diego.

Later this year, in November, we'll be teaming up with Extra Life again to help improve kids' health. The official Extra Life Game Day is November 5, 2022, and we're planning some fun things for everyone, so be on the lookout for the announcement! If you would like to know more, please visit our Extra Life Announcement from 2021. Fun times, great games, excellent cause!

"What creatures will you encounter in the upcoming expansion?"

That's still not all. We have more exciting news to share, so keep reading! The next expansion is coming along very well. Environments, characters, and much more have been completed already. We should have it ready for beta testing by October. Are you ready for adventure? We certainly hope you are; you never know what lurks beyond the shadows.

Knight-y Night,
Jenn Chan
Head of Studio