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Veteran Crew {Cazic-Thule}


Let the Recruiting Process Begin!

A casual raiding guild, currently farming some of TBM- Plane of Hate / Plane of Fear. We're working on TBM Raid Progression. We might not have as many raid mobs down, but we're better looking, sexier, and usually more drunk. Feel free to browse our forums, or check out some screenshots! We raid 8:00pm EST on Tuesday/Thursday and 7:00pm EST on Sunday. We give DKP bonus for being on time.

Here are the steps to join us.
- Talk to Boozer, Dinamu, or any Officer with Veteran Crew.
- Fill out the application at http://www.veteran-crew.com/phpBB3/application.php
- Drop all tags from you and your alts
- Boozer, Dinamu or another Officer will check back after reviewing the app and, if approved, tag you into Veteran Crew for the next 30 days.
- Be sure to read the following topics in this recruit section of the boards: Raid Wait List and the Raider Tag, Earning and Spending DKP, Rules for Raiding with VC, and lastly the Honor Code in the Policies section of the boqards - Read Closely!
- Make sure you completely fill out the application, list all alts with name , lvl , and class even if you no longer play them. To us there is no such thing as too much information on an application. ( keep it clean please as some will view your app from work ) It helps us to get to know you as a person and as a player better and we like that
- Download Gina for raid triggers it is required to have for raiding. { http://eq.gimasoft.com/gina/Download.aspx }

To Become a Member you must :
- Get to know as many VC members as possible (/who all Veteran)
- After 30 days a vote will be taken and if unanimous you will become a full Member of Veteran Crew – Gratz.
- (Recommended)Obtain a Member sponsor during the 30 days (initial sponsor included)
- Keep in touch with your sponsor on a regular basis

Class Needs:
Class Desirability /Specific AA & Skills Recommended


Minimum Level < 100 >

Minimum AA count < 5500+ > Well placed for your class...

Magelo is Required ( you can get a 15 day trial for free )

** Note ** Crewts are NOT allowed to go /Anon for any reason during recruitment /Roleplay is fine but you MUST show your guild tag to help with feedback...

High Desirability

Bard - OPEN - Jazz Hands
Beastlord - OPEN - Caturday everyday (Trees can come too)
Cleric - OPEN - Advanced shift blame
Druid - OPEN - Illusion Tree
Magician - OPEN - Nice rod, Miracles how do they work?
Ranger - OPEN - BYOA
Rogue - OPEN - Must know how to get on a mount with SoS


Berserker - OPEN - Die after Pyrenn does(not hard)
Monk - OPEN - Must be able to count to banana
Necromancer - OPEN - MOAR dots!...wait, appropriate amount of dots!!!
Shaman - OPEN - Heal better than Zignon(not hard)
Wizard - OPEN - Great balls of fire


Paladin - OPEN - Act of Valor, forget everything to make the parse on undead
Warrior - OPEN - Skirtwearing Mastery
Enchanter - CLOSED - Immunity to broken mez
Shadow Knight - CLOSED - Unfeigned Death

If you have any questions feel free to contact Boohoo (Enchanter) with an in game Email or tall if you have question.


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