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Return of the Exiled is currently filling out our ranks on the Cazic Thule server.
We are seeking outstanding players with years of raiding experience.
We expect applicants to have a strong ISP and a solid, newer computer that is capable of running Everquest with no issues.

We are looking for skilled players that know the subtleties of their class, with a good understanding of common expectations of what their class should be able to do on a raid as well as the ability to communicate effectively in game or in our teamspeak via headsets.

We do of course offer on the job training from some very talented people.
We are not a casual guild, we will hold our members to a high standard.
Our idea of fun is focusing up, kicking butt, and collecting loot in an efficient manner.

New apps will receive a 100dkp bonus upon tagging, another 100dkp when they make full member and an additional 100 dkp after 90 days if they have had good attendance and been an asset overall. Maximum combined DKP bonus of 300dkp after the first 90 days. Talk about incentives!

Applicant Requirements:
Prior higher end raiding experience
Current group gear or recent expansion raid gear minimum
Level 105 with 12000aa minimum
Epic 2.0
Good compliment of augments that are relevant to your class
Updated Magelo

Some class specific items: (Required - Must attain within 60 days of app date)
Paladin - DA hammer
Bard - Symphony of Battle clicky
Druid, Shaman - Rez stick
Bards and int casters - Orb of Tishan or The Lady's Entreaty
All classes should have a good assortment of potions and clickies, especially for cures and instant gates

Our raid schedule is as follows:

Sunday - 730pm - 11pm EST (occasionally 6pm during new content)
Monday - 730pm - 11pm EST
Tuesday - 730pm - 11pm EST (Seldom, wtb more content)
Wednesday - 730pm - 11pm EST (only during new content)
Other days may be added during the beginning of new content.
BETA raids are mandatory during new content.

Think you have what it takes to be a raider in a cutting edge guild?
Contact an officer in game for more information.

Updated October 3rd, 2017

The following classes are high priority:

The following classes are low priority:

The following classes are basically closed:

Elite players of any class will always be considered.

Guild Leader - Maedhros
Officers - Duhbeast, Fintank and Marquele
Recruitment - contact a member and ask to be directed to any officer available.


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