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If you get bounced below, you can invis and run back up stairs. However, when the clap emote is about to hit, find a corner to sit in to avoid getting flung again, and reapply invis and run back. This worked for me ;) (P.S. avoid mobs during this run for when the clap goes off as it breaks invis)

You must zone in to receive Credit/loot for this mission.

Tucoh boxing the event

Some tips:
Mezzable mobs: anytime the wave consists of 2 mobs, and jailers at end

First Golem is Fade: It first gives you a debuff called "Fade Out" that doesn't seem that severe, however after that is "Faded Out" and that is 30 seconds of silence. Healers need to get heal over time spells going if they are targeted. This is usually a good time to burn as a group as Fade is the area where most people are likely to wipe.

Second Golem is Umbra. He has the emote - "Umber claps its hands". After this emote you have about 19 seconds before 4 people in group are pushed in the direction of the open balcony. Best for group to fight in a room to avoid the push. If you do get pushed below, just run towards the platform and jump off and you will get ported back to start of mission. Other groups opt to clear a couple of mobs on stairs pre-fight to help those that get knocked below.

On final boss fight, you get these large yellow and purple auras. I don't exactly know the meaning, but it does seem to be a good time to not be moving, as I think you get stunned less. Small yellow auras can be avoided, although I don't know what happens if you are in one.

3 jailers spawn based on the health of the final boss. First jailer spawns at about 45% final boss health. To get the achievement "Complete Control" you need to kill each jailer before the next one spawns. The best way to do that is to limit the damage on the boss. Stop attacking boss when a jailer appears, and limit the dots/pets on the boss.


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