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The Last of the Storm Boars

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Few updates that may be helpful for this task, which at times can be a bit buggy. If you pop the mobs and fail to kill them before they depop, or another group pulls your quest mobs (thanks script boxers), you can camp and log back in and you will be able to pop the mobs again. This works for all thee mob spawn points, however on the 3rd spawn point, once you kill the 3 undying dire wolves, then you can no longer pop the 3rd wave again. So make sure you kill those 2 giants asap after the dire wolves or you will have to do the whole task over again if you miss killing them for any reason.

Also, on the first spawn point (single orc in fort), pulling him outside the fort does indeed update the steps, so you don't need to kill inside the fort.

30 minute lockout now...FROM TIME OF COMPLETION :-\


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