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The Last of the Storm Boars

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Find the lost Storm Boars somewhere near the great bridge 0/1 (The Eastern Wastes) > These are more underneath the bridge. You will see the wolves on one of the sides and the giants are further under.

Key points for when we did this. The group leader should be task leader and do all of the updates, leading the group to spawn the mobs. If we had someone else do it, we didn't get updates.

This quest is buggy. For one, you want to kill the orc in the room he spawns or you might screw up the script, on the first step.

More on it being buggy and what we did to finally get updates... Mage pets seemed to be an issue with the first update on the orc, so we suspended the pets. In addition, since I was the task leader, we also stopped dps at 5%, no dots to ensure I got the kill shot. That worked perfectly. Eight other attempts had all failed, this worked.


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