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EQResource 8th Anny Contest - My Spoiled Fippy!

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If I had a Fippy I would Kiss him and love him and squeeze him and hug him and call him George.

Then dress him up in my old Barbie clothes and let him drive around in the Barbie mobile.

Finally I would need to clean him so I would put him in the toilet bowl and flush. 

If I had a stuffed Fippy I would keep him on my desk next to my 2 Firiona Vie figures.

Then I'd occasionally have them storm the gate of Qeynos.

I'd also take pictures of him.

1. Id fill him with catnip and give him to Tommy, my kitty
2. I'd watch Tommy kill him in hopes of great treasures, only to be severely let down

Nearly seven feet tall, and larger than life Fippy stands strong and true. Drawing his old rusty hammer and letting out a great bellow, we run towards the gates!

Charging forth, the gates are in sight and still Fippy continues onward, the guards of Stormwind raise up their shields then command us to stop.
Fippy is undaunted. "ONWARD MY FRIENDS!" he shouts all through the zone.
We do not stop, we do not slow, we follow Fippy headlong into battle.

Lasers, explosions, a foreign snow covered land.
"Come with me, we shall retake Hossin!" Fippy shouted and roared, then peeled off down the hill.
We do not stop, we do not slow, we follow Fippy headlong into battle.

"Stop fiends and fowl beast, prepare for death!" the guards of Qeynos all but shouted.
With a mighty howl and a growl Fippy yelled out, "Grr bark bark grr! You have ruined your lands, you won’t ruin mine!"
We do not stop, we do not slow, we follow Fippy headlong into battle.

tl;dr Fippy shall sit on a desk between myself and my husband, accompanying us as we travel throughout the lands of all the MMORPGs, and other games that strike our fancy, every so often returning home to Everquest. I suspect he will also watch movies with us, as well. Great effort and protections will be in place to insure his safety from furry, 4 legged beasts with sharp teeth, that also go "bark bark, grr".

Fippy would make a wonderful stop animation prop for Purroxy's next recruitment video

Fippy would also probably end up being a wonderful outlet for Purroxy's daytime boredom :/


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