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EQResource 8th Anny Contest - My Spoiled Fippy!

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Ever since I was a young child I have always wanted a stuffed Fippy.

My mother used to say "don't worry, you'll have a stuffed Fippy when you get older, there's plenty of Fippys to go around."

As I aged, my desire to possess my own stuffed Fippy only grew.

All of my friends had stuffed Fippys. They'd bring them to class, regaling each other with tales of how they'd spent the evening with Fippy.

And still I sat with no Fippy.

My jealousy and yearning began to grow and fester. It planted a dark seed within me.

Finally, on my 18th Birthday, I was able to go out and buy my own Fippy. I had saved all my pennies from working in the salt mines and was at last prepared to purchase my very own stuffed Fippy.

I headed down to the mall and ran straight to the Fippy store, a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step.

The Fippy store was closed. Every Fippy had been sold. There were no Fippys available. There would never again be another Fippy to be had. My dreams of growing old and dying with my stuffed Fippy were over.

My head began to spin. Everything I had worked so hard for, every day I'd spent yearning seemed to flash in my mind. Every moment of emptiness, every tear of disappointment, every aching second collided in one terrifying instant of pure despair.

My world ended that day.

So you see, if I win a Fippy, that's why I'd probably set him on my desk. I would definitely take a picture.

I might also take him to work so that my coworkers could share in the delight that a stuffed Fippy can bring.

Got Fippy ?  :(

1) Maybe geocache and post the coords on here for someone to go on an eq based scavenger hunt.
2) set him on the dash and take fippy everywhere I go!

Thanks to everyone that entered!  I loved reading all your creative responses, and got several laughs along the way!  We hope you enjoyed participating in this contest!

The winner, by random drawing, is Dirtypaws


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