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Danger Zone
« on: March 08, 2019, 01:57:52 PM »
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Re: Danger Zone
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 11:05:38 PM »
Start the fight by attacking the named at the end of the platform.  Yellow Con at lvl 110.

You can attack him for a few seconds then he will fly up into the air and become non-attackable.

During that time two add's will spawn at a time.  These mobs drop the items used to repair the balista's that are around the platform.  When you build the balista you need to speak to the gnome next to it to fire at the named.  When that happens, the balista will be destroyed and the named will drop down in the middle of the platform and become attackable again.  The named stays down for a period of time which varies pending on damage taken.  Continue to take out the adds to get the cogs needed to repair the balista's and keep bringing down the named.  Tank and spank named till down.  Named hit for same amount as all other named/rare in normal GMM.

Throughout the fight there is also an AOE that goes off randomly that is easily avoidable.  Name of AOE is "Whirlrender Mortar" which does a decent amount of damgae but couldn't catch exactly how much it does.  It brought down a fully TBL teir 2 chain class almost 50% which was approx. 100k.  This happened once every minute or so. 

Also during the fight one player is targeted randomly with a while ring that goes off and does a DD for approx. 4k damage.  I didn't catch the timing on how often it occured but it did happen often.

Adds that spawn came in pairs and could vary with makeup with the following bots.  These bots hit for normal damage based on other mobs from GMM for their level.

Scout - Large in size - Immune to snare/root
Combatbot - Medium in size - Immune to snare/root
Flyer - Small in size - Can be snared/rooted - resisted often
Rotocopter - Small in size - Can be snared/rooted - resisted often