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Culture of Blood


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step 1 part, i was in the area, in illusion with task, all around the area moving around slowly , nothing updated, do i wait to hail creatures or is it that i have to stand still at a certain spot for it to intiate and update

if you dont know the language
 the update phrase after hailing him is "real"

Step 1 : go to the area... wait till AM game time... when u wait, probably need to kill off the warewolves nearby. Once AM... go to the spot and text will update (might have to hail one of the orc - non wereorc form..) and you see 2 orcs fighting each other.

Step 3: hail the perceptive hunter... if he don't speak to you... do a say "real" to him and he will attack... kill it for the update. (other members of your group can hail him when fighting to get the update)


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