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Step 2 Convince Glance of Sky requires indifferent servants of alishai faction to do hand-in unless you have sneak.

When I find the one who you hail in the Obsidian Bitterness step who does more than confiscate the note, he says, "I will not speak about anyone appearing before me in my capacity as Udex."  Now, after turnin I get a message where the one that works "melts the words, whatever they were, from the surface".  When I try to turn this in, Obsidian Bitterness does not take it.  When I hail him, he gives me another thing to turn in.  I am currently indifferent to the Udex for this task, I am wondering if you need to be higher than indifferent to get a better result?

The others (who confiscate the note if you turn it in) say, "I know nothing about this Flowing Cloud and would tell you nothing if I did."

This is getting really stupid, I have talked to every single mob in the earth area, they just tell me to go away.

The first step seems to get bugged somehow, the mobs stop responding at all unless I say enter mearatas twice to them, and I never could get the update, even after talking to every single one I could find multiple times.  I tried camping out and back in, that seemed to fix it for about 3 or 4 mobs, then it just went back to non responsive.  No invis.  I am indifferent to the earth mobs.


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