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Day 1, Veil of Alaris - 7 days of EQResource Anniversary Contests!

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For usability I loved the implementation of the parcel system and improved hot bar sizes to help these old eyes see better :) The Valley is a favorite zone and I really liked the quests line throughout the entire expansion. It was also nice that you did not have to be top level to explore or do some of the quests so that made it available to a larger player base than recent expansions.

I loved the 13 raids. Many of them were unique. We worked so hard on winning Rubak Oseka! And the guild I was in at the time was never able to win the final Sepulcher raid. It's still on my bucket list!

The entire expansion offered some incredible artwork and upgrades that are still meaningful today like the Tears of Alaris.

On the negative side of the ledger I wasn't happy with yet another whole race and plot line introduced. Armor upgrades seemed overly complicated at first. The implementation of many vertically-oriented zones meant boxing and autofollow were terribly complicated. But it was a massive and massively intense expansion. Well worth the cost by offering thousands of hours of fun and adventure!

2 thumbs up!

Just recently started doing this expansion with a friend. They want the mount, and I"ve never been a huge VoA fan, but they dragged me into it!

We spent 15 minutes trying to shoot down the blimp things in the partisan chain for the first zone :D :D :D

I also have some fond memories of abusing the hell out of Valley of Lunanyn for power level XP. We ran contests on Test prior to the 110 level cap increase to see what powerleveling path was the fastest. Protip: 1-105, doing Hatchery + Valley is the quickest way to 105! The Lunanyn 500 will always be a love-hate relationship.

This is one of my favorite EQ expansions, and the only one where I completed the Hunter achievement! It made me laugh when I got jumped and spanked by the Rat Queen in Resplendent - felt like a level 1 back in the Freeport newbie days!

i may be one of the few who would say this but i really liked the Tears of Alaris. achieving the max evolved version was really something quite rewarding and considering the time it took to do it was one of the rarer items to really achieve, but it really made for some fun to me on running some tasks to get some clickies to bank and level that baby up on top of slaughtering as many alarans as you can find hehe


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