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favorite part of the Veil of Alaris expansion was the valley that harder mobs in one part and the single solo farming mobs. Their were kills quests that can be redone over and over.

I enjoyed riding the blimp and grouping with friends in the valley. :)

I loved Beast Domain and Windsong. It was the first expansion I had to work hard to kill the mobs. Seemed like they had an insane amount of HP. Fortunately, with new gear, getting xp became much more manageable. I also loved the diversity in zones. I was always impressed with ho wmuch effort they had put in to create an immersive experience.


Veils of Alaris... Started back playing from a small break and re-rolled to a different class during the launch of VoA(one of the expansion that i'll always remember).

Course the raids were amazing lots of fun, chaotic, but straight up nightmarish on some... but! The most favorite part of the expansion for me was ''Beast Domain'' zone; beautiful scenery/artwork, mixture of different beast's, and King of the beast!(raid). Overall it felt like home for a beastlord.

Plus any expansion with Norrath God's in the story is always a +plus in my book of favorite things in EQ.

Loved the raid where you had to jump out of the windows in the tower.


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